Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The Sounds of Aloha Chorus provides a fun, social, and educational environment to its members that allows them to experience the joy of striving for excellence of musical performance in the a cappella barbershop style and the camaraderie of the Aloha spirit with one another, their families, and the community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sounds of Aloha Chorus, a service organization, is to promote and perpetuate an ever-growing fraternity of men who are drawn together by their love of four-part harmony, predominantly in the barbershop style. We will do this by offering people of all ages and cultures wholesome, artistic, barbershop entertainment and by expressing the uniqueness of Hawaii and the Aloha spirit through Hawaii songs sung in the barbershop style. We will share our tradition with the community and our fellow barbershoppers through our quartets and the Sounds of Aloha Chorus.

We will support charities that further the goals of harmony. We will provide fun and fellowship to our members in an atmosphere of song, and we will offer social events that include our spouses, families, and friends.

We will strive for musical excellence through the education of our members. We will work cooperatively with each other to learn, to teach, and to provide time and resources to the group, so that all gain increased expertise and enjoyment in singing barbershop harmony. We are accountable to each other in offering the time and energy required to meet the goals of the chapter. We will assess our personal levels of knowledge and skill and work toward constant improvement.

We will accept performance and competition opportunities with the goal of promoting the public appreciation of barbershop harmony.