SOA Quartets Return to Hawaii Public Radio

Sounds of Aloha's picture

Back in 2016 and again in 2018, quartets from the Sounds of Aloha were featured in two episodes of Hawaii Public Radio’s show “Applause in a Small Room.” Named for HPR’s Atherton Studio, the weekly broadcast showcased live performances of musicians from Hawaii and elsewhere, recorded in front of small studio audiences. Our quartets had a chance to teach the audience and listeners about our singing style and perform as individual quartets and as a larger ensemble (in barbershop vernacular, a "very large quartet," or "VLQ").

This not being a year for those live audiences, HPR instead produced a series of Atherton Virtual Concerts, available by video. Our quartets were happy to be invited to offer another showcase of local barbershop singing, on July 24, 2021. The concert included performances by SOA quartets Park Bench, Funny Bones, 21 North, VHF, and 19th Avenue, as well by two mixed a cappella groups that include SOA singers: the quartet Vocal Mixology and the quintet Mixed Plate.

Thanks to HPR for all they do to showcase local musicians!