SOA Solves the Case with 2016 Spring Show!

Sounds of Aloha's picture

Dun-dun-DUNN! SOA's May 21, 2016 original comedy "True Defective - A Musical Whodunnit!" was a mystery, a comedy, a radio show, and an a cappella concert all in one, and from all accounts that unusual combination proved a hit with our audience! Written by SOA member and Po'okela-award-winning playwright Scot Izuka, the farce tells the story of how the Sounds of Aloha Chorus and its special guest quartet Vocal Spectrum are guests on radio station KORD when the quartet is kidnapped. Dun-dun-DUNN! As the mystery unwinds, SOA attempts to fill in on the station's regularly scheduled mystery drama show, "Bethel Street Blues," while the show's cast members are away trying their hand at solving the real life case.

As always, Vocal Spectrum blew the audience away with its stunning musical artistry and entertaining package. The group's renowned rendition of the song "Bring Him Home," featuring quartet tenor -- and SOA member! -- Tim Waurick, won standing ovations and no doubt will be generating more buzz around the island and online. Few sights warm our hearts like that of people who had never heard barbershop music before -- or who thought they knew what to expect -- lining up to buy CDs!

After a hiatus from spring shows, the Sounds of Aloha were very happy to be back with this production. Like most of Hawaii's live performing arts organizations, though, we have some work to do to grow our audience. We hope you'll consider helping out, by spreading the word and by making sure you're on our contact list!