Sounds of Aloha Will Deliver Singing Valentines

Valentine's Day can be made even more special for your loved ones with a Singing Valentine delivered by a Barbershop Quartet. Members of the Sounds of Aloha will deliver Singing Valentines for Oahu residents and business people looking for a fun and exciting new way to send a Valentine message to their sweethearts, special clients or customers.

For more information or to place an order for a Singing Valentine, call 262-SONG(7664).
Or visit ...

Say "I Love You" With A Song at www.HawaiiSingingValentines.com!

Watch Honolulu news coverage of our Singing Valentines ...

A Singing Valentine Delivery in Kailua (YouTube)

A Singing Valentine Delivery at a Diamond Head Home (YouTube)

A Singing Valentine delivered at a school (YouTube)